How to Disable Cookies in Internet Explorer

This guide will show you step by step instructions on how to disable cookies in Internet Explorer browser.

1. Click on the “Settings” button.

Look for it in the top-right corner your Internet Explorer browser, often presented by the “gear” icon.

Internet Explorer main window

A drop-down menu with a lot of available options will be displayed.

2. Click on the “Internet Options” item.

Look for it at the bottom of the drop-down menu.

Internet Explorer settings menu

The drop-down menu will now disappear and you will see an “Internet Options” popup.

3. Click on the “Privacy” tab.

The “Privacy” tab will be available right at the top of the “Internet Options” popup window.

Internet Explorer settings popup

The “Internet Options” popup will now display privacy-related settings.

4. Click on the “Advanced” button.

Look for the “Advanced” button located in the top-right corner.

Internet Explorer privacy settings-page

You should see another popup called “Advanced Privacy Settings”.

5. Disable cookies.

There are several settings displayed on this page that you may choose from to tell your Internet Explorer browser how to handle and manage cookies.

Internet Explorer disable cookies

Since we want to disable cookies, simply select First-party Cookies and Third-party Cookies to Block radio boxes to Block and uncheck the Always allow session cookies checkbox.

While disabling cookies will not eliminate advertisers and other servers from being able to track you, it will certainly make it more difficult and provide you with a bit more privacy.

Keep in mind that disabling cookies will require you to re-enter information that would otherwise normally be “remembered” by cookies (such as your login details or shopping cart items).

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